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Music in all its forms is a gift. Learning to sing can increase self-confidence and be a valuable outlet for expression. I believe that singing can be the most exhilarating musical experience because YOU are the instrument.

With some training and practice ANYONE can learn to sing. The same physical mechanism that is used in speech can be used to create beautiful singing. It is only a matter of harnessing the ability already within you!


Developing a healthy singing technique is an essential component for releasing the power that is in your voice. For almost the last decade, I have been studying and teaching the "mix" technique which trains the vocal mechanism to help you access your entire vocal range with power and consistency. You can learn to combine or "mix" the ease and power of chest voice with the range and beauty of head voice to give you a beautiful sound throughout your entire vocal range that can be adapted to any musical genre, such as Musical Theater, Classical, Pop, R&B, or Jazz. I am excited to share my knowledge with people like you!


Professional Organizations: Certified Mix teacher through International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM) and member of National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). Completing certification as a "Peak Performer" coach with performance psychologist Jon Skidmore.

Vocal Philosophy

Vocal Philosophy

Vocal Services Offered

Aimed to develop well-rounded musicianship by studying healthy vocal technique, music theory, sight reading, and singing a wide variety of music.

Private Lessons:

Available to coach, in one or more sessions, on song selection, vocal trouble spots, and acting your song or monologue.

Performance/Audition Coaching:

Group Workshops:

Available to workshop with school and church choirs on skills, musicality, and musicianship. Can work with casts of musicals to get that "musical theater" sound. Teach skills to performers enabling the establishment of a healthy and positive mindset.

Group Workshops:

Working with choirs on musicianship and technique. Vocal coaching to casts of musicals to get that "musical theater sound." All performers to develop a healthy and positive mindset about performing in front of an audience.

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Piano Services Offered

Private Lessons:

Helps students gain skills that will lead to a lifelong enjoyment of music. Specializes in classical music training but also emphasizes skills in music theory and analysis, sight reading, ear training, listening, memorization, composition, improvisation, accompanying, and interpretation.


Available to accompany for auditions and performaces.

Accompaniment Tracks:

Can produce piano accompaniment tracks for practice and performance.

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